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Mid-Week at GoClimb

GoClimb is jam-packed with super fun mid-week activities!

Read about our mid-week activities below.

1) Mother’s Group Specials

It’s free coffees all round at GoClimb for mums (or dads) in a group (minimum of 4) while the kids play in our awesome interactive play zones. Read more about mother’s group specials here.

*Bookings Essential. Weekdays only. Not available during public/school holidays. Not avail after 4pm.

2) Parents climb half price with the kids!

Parents and carers can now climb with their little ones for half price! That’s only $10 to get active with a 1 hour Clip ‘n Climb session if you climb with your kids. Click here to book your climb!

*Valid between 10am – 4pm, weekdays only. Not available during public/school holidays. Must be used in the same climbing session as the kids.

3) After school drop off programs

An awesome way for 5 to 14 years olds of all abilities to get coordinated, make new friends and get fit after school! Read more about  our drop off programs here.

4) WonderPlay classes

Creative and sensory classes for parents and their pre-schoolers! Read more about WonderPlay here.



*Not available during School Holidays

Book your mid-week activities today Book here