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Rock Climbing Melbourne: Fun for Kids & Adults To Enjoy!

Get active with Clip ’n Climb at GoClimb – where climbing wall meets theme park.

We’re proud to partner with Clip ’n Climb to create the coolest adventures.

With 26 unique climbing challenges suitable for all ages and abilities, Clip n’ Climb amps up the fun for everyone!

Rock climbing for kids

Indoor rock climbing for kids is the ultimate activity to promote physical and mental stimulation. Climbing has been proven to help develop kids motor skills, memory and spatial awareness. Our climbing walls can be used from ages 4 and above with a diverse mix of difficulty levels and are highly interactive and engaging. In addition to mental and physical stimulation, rock climbing for kids at GoClimb in Coburg is also super fun!

You might also be interested in our After School Drop-Off Programs – an awesome way for 5 – 15 year olds of all abilities to get coordinated, make new friends and get fit after school. 

We also have a range of awesome interactive Birthday Party packages.

Rock climbing for adults

Rock climbing at GoClimb Coburg  is not just for kids! We have a range of challenging Clip ‘n Climb fun walls for adults and the more advanced climbers to try. Indoor rock climbing is a great way to have fun while getting fit at the same time. It helps develop lean, endurance muscles, including strengthening of lots of hand, arm, shoulder and back muscles! Your entire body including cardiovascular system, benefits from rock climbing.

Check out our Corporate and Team Event packages for the most exhilarating team events in Melbourne!

Dare your friends to a race on the Speed Wall or conquer the Leap of Faith on your very own solo mission. Whether you want to go alone or race the clock against your buddies, we’ve got something for you.

Note: The Leap of Faith & Giant slide must be pre-booked online mid-week.

Safety is a top priority

Jump off the wall and let our world-class TRUBLUE Auto Belay safely glide you back down to earth and get ready for your next climb.

Gear yourself up for oodles of fun at GoClimb. Take a look at our opening hours and have a go at our Clip ’n Climb fun walls today!

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