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Fun ways to help your kids be active

Posted July 24 2018

Noticing your little one getting a bit too absorbed in their iPad or the TV? Trying to think of fun, creative ideas to get them moving? Kids need regular exercise to develop into happy, healthy and fit adults. Here at GoClimb, we know a thing or two about making exercise fun.

1. Join a sports team

Team sports are a fun way for your kids to make new friends and build their teamwork skills. Chat to your kids about what sport they might want to give a shot and see what clubs are in your area. Before you dive in (and if it’s possible) why not go to the park and give the sport test run first?

2. Get involved with your kids

Doing exercise with your kids is great for bonding and trust building. It can be as simple as taking the dog for a walk together, going for a long bike ride or heading out on a hike. You can try new activities together like skateboarding, ice skating or roller skating too! If you want to keep things simple, just go to the park and kick the ball around for a bit. Or, if you really want to get your heartrates going, set up an obstacle course together using playground equipment.

3. Bring a friend along

For some extra fun, invite your kid’s friends and their parents over. Enjoy a cuppa and a catch up while the youngsters run amuck outside. Or, you can all head to the park for a walk and a picnic! Group activities are always a great way to get active and keep social.

4. Make a fun stash

What’s a fun stash you ask? Exactly what it sounds like! A collection of awesome equipment to pull out whenever your kids are feeling bored. Here are few ideas:

    • Jump rope
    • Soccer or footy ball
    • Roller skates
    • Skateboard
    • Inflatable beach ball
    • Tennis racquet and ball


Want it all in one place? There’s nothing quite like a giant playground where your kids can let loose and tucker themselves out. At GoClimb, we have a range of fun activities fit for kids of every age – from toddlers all the way to fully grown, big kids!

Come on down for a session today. If you don’t feel like getting involved on one of the courses yourself, enjoy a coffee at the Mister Lincoln cafe!


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